PAT Testing (Portable Applicance Testing) In Cork, Dublin, Limerick & Nationwide

PAT Testing & Portable Appliance Testing in Cork, Dublin, LimerickPAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing covers virtually anything that can be plugged into a 110Volt, 240Volt, 415Volt socket.

PAT Testing is a safety test for any electrical item with a plug. It is basically a repeat of the tests carried out by the manufacturer before the item left the production line. The PAT tests should be carried out on items with a plug top from kettles, computers, photocopiers, microwaves, extension leads to larger items such as vending machines. At IPAT we also carry our Microwave Testing that determine if there are any leaks in your Microwave Oven.

Health & safety Act 2007 SI-299 requires all portable appliances to be tested periodically to verify their safe for use.

IPAT Ltd. will ensure peace of mind for our clients and will set up a schedule for all appliances to be PAT Tested.

IPAT Ltd. use the seaward supernova for all its testings.

We carry out PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) throughout Ireland in counties such as Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Waterford.

Pat Testing