Thermal Imaging Testing In Cork, Limerick, Waterford & Kerry

Thermal Imaging Testing In Cork, Limerick, Waterford & KerryThermal Imaging Testing (Thermography) detects potential problems and failures of electrical devices, such as fuse boards, terminals, electric motors transformers and electronic devices. The structural part of the electrical appliance radiates heat which can be detected using our Thermal Image cameras. Regular image inspection will identify problems before a fire can be started with that component.

Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is  also used in the Building Energy Ratings to determine the extent of heat loss through any building using a special infra red camera which we would otherwise be unable to see with the naked eye.

Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Directives:
Directive 2002/91/EC aims to promote improvements in the energy performance of buildings.

Health & Safety Act 2007 SI-299 requires all electrical components to be tested periodically to verify their safe for use.

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