Periodic Inspection Testing 

Periodic Inspection Testing In Cork, Limerick, Waterford and KerryPeriodic Inspection Testing  or Fixed Wire Testing as it is commonly known is the testing of a premises and certifying of that premises to ETCI standards as laid down in the Health & Safety Act 2007 SI-299.

Each premises is required by law to have a Periodic Inspection Test carried out to determine if that premises is electrically sound.

IPAT Ltd. will guarantee a full and quality Periodic Inspection Report for your Electrical Installation and will then issue you with a comprehensive report on both hard and soft copy.

Safety of persons against the effects of electrical shock and burns

Protection against damaged to property by fire and heat arising from an installation defect

Confirmation that the installation is not damaged or deteriorated as to impair safety

Identification of deficiencies/non-compliance with the current standard of ETCI rules

We carry out Periodic Inspection Testing In Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Kerry.


As an Employer it is YOUR responsibility to ensure:

Extension cables and other flexible leads which are particularly prone to damage to plugs and sockets and to their connections are visually checked, maintained and where necessary replaced before using portable equipment. The ends of flexible cables should always have the outer sheath of the cable firmly clamped to stop the wires (particularly the earth) pulling out of the terminals

  • Use the correct cable connectors or couplers to join lengths of cables together and do not allow taped joints.
  • Electrical installations are installed and maintained by a competent person and checked regularly
  • Socket Outlets are not overloaded by the use of adaptors
  • Electrically powered equipment provided is suitable for use
  • Fixed electrical equipment should have a clearly identified switch to cut off power in an emergency
  • that portable equipment  labelled as being double insulated has had the live and neutral connected properly to the plug by a competent person unless the plug is of a moulded type

If there is potential for an explosive atmosphere then specialist electrical equipment is required and further information is available in the ATEX section of our website.


HSA Guidance note on Electrical Inspections

Periodic Inspection