PAT Testing Certificate

PAT Testing Certificate                 We at IPAT Ltd. provide a full PAT Testing certificate including a register of all the appliances that have been inspected and tested. What is a PAT Testing Certificate? A PAT testing certificate is a document confirming that all electrical appliances belonging to one business or organisation have met the necessary safety and functionality requirements expected. A credible PAT test certificate should, at the very least, contain this relevant data: Details of the company (client) where the PAT Testing was done Individual entries for all appliances stating whether they passed/failed the test Details of the person or company by whom the PAT test was performed Why do I need a PAT Testing Certificate? We conduct the portable appliance test to ensure the safety of the appliance, and the certificate issued serves as the evidence you require to prove you have had the inspection done. This is the evidence you will need for: Insurance Companies Health and Safety Inspectors Fire Officers PAT testing certificates are provided to the client after portable appliance testing has been completed. The PAT certificates show that the company is maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations by having their electrical equipment inspected for damage and/or risks; to ensure the maintenance is being kept to the necessary levels. The certificate acts as evidence that the duty holder responsible responsible for equipment maintenance has taken the necessary action to ensure safety. IPAT Ltd.  use PAT testing certificates to provide their customers with the certificates needed to show proof that they are compliant. Certificates normally will include details about the test showing which portable appliances have been tested and which have failed. Persons performing [...]