Electric shock put cinema operator in court

Electric shock Electric shocks put cinema operator in court. A cinema operator in the UK has been fined after two employees received an electric shock from a popcorn machine. Manchester Magistrates Court fined Cineworld Ltd. £9,000, plus costs, after two members of staff at its Didsbury multiplex received electric shocks from a machine that keeps popcorn warm. After one employee received a shock, management were alerted, but failed to isolate the machine or post warning notices to stop staff using it. Later the same day, a second worker was shocked when he turned the machine off. An investigation by Manchester City Council found the machine had a faulty switch and a panel missing, meaning a live circuit board was exposed. Neither worker was seriously injured by the shocks, but the court heard that they could have been fatal. Cineworld Cinemas pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. See more at M.E.N PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing covers virtually anything that can be plugged into a 110Volt, 240Volt, 415Volt socket. PAT Testing is a safety test for any electrical item with a plug. It is basically a repeat of the tests carried out by the manufacturer before the item left the production line. The PAT tests should be carried out on items with a plug top from kettles, computers, photocopiers, microwaves, extension leads to larger items such as vending machines. At IPAT we also carry our Microwave Testing that determine if there are any leaks in your Microwave Oven. Health & safety Act 2007 SI-299 requires all portable appliances to be tested periodically to verify their safe for use. IPAT Ltd. will ensure peace of mind for our [...]