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Electrical Competence:

Electrical Competence….Some say “I’m a good electrician, but I don’t have the qualifications to prove it!” Many client organisations and consequently employers are growing in their awareness of the requirement to prove that individual electrical workers are competent. Most public sector tender prequalification questionnaires continue to show a trend towards precise interest in the specific competency of individual electrical workers.

So why keep up to date?

  1. You will improve your understanding of current requirements, make better decisions, spot threats and opportunities and prepare yourself or your business to be PQQ ready.
  2. Secondly, keeping up-to-date is key to building and improving your reputation. By developing expertise in your  job and your industry, you’ll earn the trust and respect of customers.
  3. Finally, it will alert you to changes that may just give you and your employer an edge when comes to winning a tender opportunity.

Training can be a significant cost both in terms of time and money to any business or individual. However, failure to train and update yourself or your workforce may cost a lot more in lost opportunities.

IPAT Qualifications:

  1. Fire Alarm Testing for both Conventional and Addressable Systems ( Advanced, Morley and CTEC Certified),
  2. Emergency Lighting Testing (BESS & FETAC Level 6 Certified),
  3. Periodic Inspection Testing of Electrical Systems(ECSSA Certified),
  4. Portable Appliance Testing of any Appliance with a plug on it (110v, 230V, 415V) NSAI Certified &
  5. Thermal Imaging (ASNT Certified, American Society of Non-destructive Testing).
  6. ATEX EX14 Certified


Are you electrically competent. If you say you are an electrician, be prepared to prove it.  Better training, means better electricians. Better electricians, means happier customers, repeat business and renewed tendering opportunities.


Health and Safety at Work Act – Part 3 Electricity